Essay on a commerce library

It is an important function of the school to provide the children with extra information when they want it.

For this information, they may require to consult reference or general books. Library has come to stay as an established medium of extra information in the schools, particularly in those schools which do not aim merely at preparing their pupils for the examination. No regular school can afford to be without a library. It has become an integral part of every good school. Library helps to foster in students a love for extra reading the co curricular activities, group projects, work on assignments etc. need a good library.

Individual reading supplements teaching. By reading pupils gather information’s which help them to understand the social world in which they live. They get answers to some of their own questions, enlarge thier imagination and continue their learning even after for­mal education.

In library there should be three categories of reading materials:

(i) Text-books and reference-books.

(ii) Magazines and Newspapers.

(iii) Supplementary readers.

Teacher may guide the students in selecting books and journals and reading them. In some cases students may discuss with the teacher what they have read and summaries.

Library facilities in schools

In our schools there are two types of libraries:

(i) General school library, and

(ii) Commerce department library.

(i) General School Library

In most of our schools, there is a general school library which contains bodes, magazines on all subjects. In such a library there should be separate section for commerce subject books. For teachers there should be good bodes on methodology of teaching, historical background of topics and the contribution of famous persons in vari­ous fields of commerce subjects. Some material on teaching of com­merce can be obtained from N.C.E.R.T.

In library, some bodes on recreational activities be available to students.

(ii) Commerce Department Library

If resources permit there should be a separate commerce depart­ment library. It may be housed in one of the rooms of the commerce department. The librarian or in charge of it must. Classify the books properly so that the students do not find any difficulty in getting the books issued Commerce teacher should keep himself with the latest bodes or magazines on the subject and make addition in the library. A number of copies of good book should be purchased. A few copies of the prescribed text-book may be purchased for the use of poor students.

Importance and need of commerce library

Importance of Commerce Library

Library has a key role in scheme of education. Class-room teach­ing must be supplemented with the dissemination of knowledge through library. In commerce subjects students are required to do a lot of practice which they can do so most efficiently in commerce library can help the students tackle all types of problems emerging from different topics prescribed in their syllabus. They are also acquainted with different types of approaches in solving problems.

Class-room teaching sometimes leaves many gaps and doubts.

They can be removed if the students make use of good books available in the library. Commerce teacher can help the students in the selection of good books in the library.

A commerce library is not only does a source of learning and inspi­ration for students but it also serve the need of teachers. A teacher must keep his knowledge ever fresh and up-to-date; this is possible only by making a free use of commerce library. He can also learn the latest methods of teaching of commerce subjects from the new books avail­able in the library. Thus a good commerce library helps to keep the lamp of commerce knowledge burning so as to kindle light in the minds of the students as also the teachers.

Important efficient ways for the use of commerce in school

In most schools, there are general libraries which encourage the students to make use of libraries, but in such a library the students cannot get proper guidance for removing their deficiency in a par­ticular subject. For this a separate library of the subject concerned is essential. A separate library for commerce is a great necessity for rendering proper help to needy students. Such a library can be housed in a room in commerce department and can be put under the charge of commerce teacher. There should be a period of library reading in the time-table so as to enable the students of every class to make use of library. A separate commerce library is essential because of the following reasons:

(i) Separate arrangement of commerce library helps to bring efficiency in the organisation of library services.

(ii) Commerce teacher remains in constant touch with the latest books in commerce.

(iii) It provides a sense of separate identity to commerce and helps to inculcate interest in the subject.

(iv) The students get better library services.

(v) It helps the activities of commerce club.

(vi) It can be of great help to gifted and bright students.

Thus it is essential that all efforts be made to establish a separate commerce library in every school.

A well equipped library is useful only when it is properly used by the teachers and students. Suggestion given below will help in the proper use of commerce library

(i) There should be an in charge of library bodes. Even if there is a librarian, the commerce teacher should be actively associated with functioning of commerce library.

(ii) The commerce teacher should himself read library books only than he can suggest bodes to the students.

(iii) While teaching in the class, the commerce teacher should make reference to related books or magazines in the li­brary.

(iv) The teacher should give some assignment or work based on certain books in the library.

(v) The students should be involved in the maintenance and classification of library room.

(vi) There should be certain meetings of commerce club where the students have to study library books for active partici­pation.

(vii) Library room should be made attractive.

(viii) There should be proper display of new bodes on the bulle­tin board, along with brief comments.

(ix) There should be some provision in the time-table for li­brary reading Teacher should see that every students goes to the library and borrows books regularly from the li­brary.

(x) There should be some type of test based on suggested bodes from the library.

Thus it is clear that a good commerce library is quite useful for developing good study habits in students. Library also is quite useful to students for updating their knowledge and develops a taste for the subject. To achieve maximum benefits commerce teacher shall have to take pains by putting in more efforts.

Commerce library should contain useful visual aids needed in teach­ing of commerce subjects. The educational material about commerce (e.g. pictures, charts etc.) is displayed on the walls of library.

In commerce library there should be a good collection of useful bodes in commerce subjects. It is the duty of the commerce teacher to make a wide selection of books for the library. The books are kept in separate Almirahs under various heads:

(i) The Prescribed Text-Books of Commerce for different classes.

(ii) Books on Teaching of Commerce meant for teacher. Such books should be of high standard, published in India as also in for­eign countries.

(iii) Books of Recreational Activities. In our country only a limited number of such books are published. Good books published in foreign countries are procured for this purpose.

(iv) Supplementary Books. We must not depend only on text­books for complete and Ml information. To make our knowledge most up-to-date we have to supplement our information through variety of way. They may be reference bodes and other material, periodicals, reports, hand-bodes other material. Such material is stored sepa­rately. The teacher should procure recent and up-to-date information and bring it to the notice of the students.