Modification in the content of commerce

Before the Secondary Education Commission report, the course con­tent failed to keep pace with the changes in social, political, economic and industrial conditions. It also failed to keep abreast of the latest development in Education. Theory and practice courses were theoreti­cal and bookish and had little stuff to attract the students.

The Sapru Committee has pin-pointed in 1934 for introduction of diversified courses of studies to solve the problem of unemploy­ment in which other vocational subjects was emphasised.

The diversified courses of study should include the following seven groups.

(I) Humanities, (II) Sciences, (III) Technical subjects, (IV) Com­mercial subjects, (V) Agricultural subjects, (VI) Fine arxs, (VII) Home Sciences

It is on the basic of this organisation of the syllabus that com­merce has been introduced at high or higher secondary schools.

After the Mudaliar Commission Report the content courses were reorganised and commerce occupied an eminent position among the vocational groups.