Objectives of the content and organization of commerce courses

The content and organisation of commerce course should be such that it meets the following imperative needs of the students:

1. The Course content in the commend programme should be arranged in such a way and so designed that it is capable of developing saleable skills among students and such attitudes that make the worker an intelligent and productive partici­pant in economic life of the country. The student should be provided with supervised work experience and skills knowl­edge of their occupations.

2. All students must understand the rights and duties of the citizens of a democratic society, and be diligent and compe­tent in carrying out their obligations as a member of the community, state and the nation.

3. All students must know-how to purchase and used goods and service intelligently, understand both the values received by the consumer and economic consequence of their acts.

4. All students must understand the significance of the family for the individual and the society and the conditions that are conducive for successful family life.

5. All students must understand the methods of science and Scientific methods of doing business transactions.

6. All students need opportunities to develop their capacities to appreciate the functioning of an office, business and an in­dustry.

7. All students should be trained in the use, of their leisure time well and to budget their time wisely and balance their activi­ties, which yields satisfactions to the individual.

8. A students must develop respect for other persons and grow an insight into ethical values and live co-operatively.

9. All students must grow their ability to think rationally and express their thoughts clearly.

10. All students must develop and maintain good health and physical fitness so that they can devote their attention to their studies.

Broadly, the course content in the commerce programme may be divided into the following two categories:

A Vocational Commerce Education, and

B. General Commerce Education

Vocational Commerce Education-should consist of the follow- ing concepts:

-Stenographic and Secretarial Works.

-Book-keeping and accounting works.

-Clerical and general office work.

-Office practice works-handling labour saving machines.

General Commerce Education-should consist of the following concepts:

-Consumer information-guidance.

-Understanding of business and its management.

-Understanding of economic systems within the country as well as outside.

-Study of the environment, regions, nations and the world (Study of Commercial Geography).