What is the method of teaching commerce?

For teacher of every subject method is important. Method is nothing but a scientific way of presenting the subject, keeping in mind the psychological and physical requirements of the children.

For effective learning Commerce the method has to be as good as the content. It is through method only that it is possible to make a subject interesting and useful. Without a method, teaching would be hard. The arrangement of the subject and its presentation is very important for successful teaching.

Method of teaching commerce differs from stage to stage and from age group to age group. The method to be adopted depends upon many factors which include the environment and the familiar situa­tions or experiences that are to be correlated effectively. While teach­ing a set of pupils with varying interests, aptitudes and attitudes one has got to be aware of the psychological basis of teaching learning process.

The term ‘method’ can be thought of as the most effective and economic way of learning to take place among students. Communica­tion of ideas and development of concepts in a precise manner based on a logical development of subject is the most important prerequisite in teaching a subject like commerce.

Generally students are afraid of studying commerce. There are various reasons for this, method being one of them. Pupils tend to learn commerce through a meaningful approach to commerce rather than by a mechanical process.

Teaching is thus most difficult task and everybody is not fit to be a teacher. Some persons may have’flair’ for teaching and such persons have the ability to awaken interest and arrest the attentions of the students. Some others who are not so fortunate can improve their teaching through practice if they are fully acquainted with vari­ous methods of teaching. In order to make children learn effectively the teacher has to adopt the right method of teaching. For choosing right method for a given situation, the teacher must be familiar with different methods of teaching. In this chapter an effort will be made to discuss some common methods used for teaching of commerce.

Methods of teaching of commerce

‘There are a large number if methods for the teaching of Elements of Commerce and it are as general and formal subject. Harma and Stehr have laid down more than a score of methods for teaching general business. However, all the methods given by them are not impor­tant”.

Some of the important methods are teaching of commerce are briefly discussed here.

(i) Lecture Method

It is one of the oldest methods of teaching. It refers to the teaching procedure involved in the clarification or explanation to the students of some major ideas. It places more emphasis on the presen­tation of the content. In this method teacher is more active and the students are passive. In this method question answer procedure is used to keep the students attentive in the class. This method is used to clarify matter, to expand content and motivate the students. To effec­tively deliver his lecture teacher makes use of certain simple devices such as changing his voice, impersonating characters shifting his position etc. While delivering his lecture, a teacher can indicate by his facial expression, gestures and tones the exact shade of the mean­ing that he wishes to convey. Thus a lecture is a means of setting forth precisely, concisely and effectively the exact relationship lead­ing to the subjective thought. Thus a lecture can save time, however, a poor lecture is actually time consuming and wasteful. Even a good lecture may fail in case sufficient background is lacking among stu­dents.

A good lecture contemplates complete exposition of a topic, principle, situation or the like. In order to achieve the goal, it must be effective and interesting, well expressed, concise, organised and systematised if the lecture is to become effective.

To make lecture method effective and Inspirational following points be given due consideration:

(i) Matter should be arranged in such a way as to leave a single clear impression on the minds of the students.

(ii) The teacher should have pauses in between the lesson so that the students may learn the new knowledge bit by bit.

(iii) The rate of exposition should be slow especially if the class is weak.

(iv) There should be abundant repetition.

(v) Children way of looking at things should be considered.

(vi) Language used should be familiar and suitable.

(vii) The lesson should be divided into sections which have a logical sequence.

(viii) Proper use of black-board should be made.

(ix) Actual models, diagrams charts etc. should be used.

(x) Students should be encouraged to ask questions compari­sons etc. should be used.

(xi) Verbal illustration such as examples, comparisons etc. should be used.

(xii) The aim of the lesson should be kept in view and the students should be made fully conversant with the aim.

Merits of Lecture Method

(i) It is economical and a large number of students can be taught at a time.

(ii) It saves time.

(iii) It is very effective in giving factual information.

(iv) It makes the work of teacher very simple.

(v) A good lecture not only stimulates students but lingers long in their imagination. It motivates students to become good orators.

(vi) It provides better scope for classification and for laying stress on significant ideas.

(vii) It brings a personal contact and touch to impress or influ­ence the pupils.

(viii) It provides flexibility.

(ix) It gives students training in listening.

(x) It gives training to students in taking notes rapidly.

(xi) It provides opportunities of correlating events and subjects.

(xii) It enables the linkage of previous knowledge with new one.